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Important Dates & Deadlines To Remember

Friday, April 15, 2022:           Confirm your intention to present at the 2022 National Symposium


Friday, April 15, 2022:           Register for the National Symposium & use the Access Code PRESENTER to

                                                 waive the registration fees


Friday, May 20, 2022:           - Submit Presentation, Visuals, & Handouts

                                               - Let the National Symposium Proposal Review Committee know if you need

                                                 additional support during your presentation

Preparing Your Presentation, Visuals & Handouts for the National Symposium

  • Check Theme: In recognition of our Symposium theme, we ask that your presentation highlights how your topic connects to the theme.  Help attendees make clear connections that help them reach our Symposium emphasis for the year. 

  • Check Session's Connection to Symposium Strands: Consider best ways of helping participants understand how your presentation relates to civic engagement, reconciliation, and saving our democracy. [Please note that your session is also placed within a specific strand.  Consider how you will position your session within the assigned strand.]

  • Check Timing: Keep in mind that your session fits within a specified schedule, so this total time, no more than 70% should be used for the presentation, thus reserving at least 30% for participant engagement, questions, debriefing, and participant survey feedback.  A session moderator will help you to monitor the time spent.

  • Check Interaction for Varied Audiences: We strongly recommend that you carefully prepare your presentation so as to make most effective use of the time.  A clear, compelling, interactive, and debriefed presentation will be more effective than a technically detailed talk that can be only half-completed in the time allowed!  Note also that your talk will be presented to an audience with wide and varying interests in reconciliation.  To the greatest extent possible, your talk should be understandable at some level to everybody in the audience.

  • Expect Permission Form: Unless you indicate otherwise, we intend to post your presentation and handouts for participant viewing, so we will send a formal permission slip over the next several weeks for you to return to us.

  • Expect Committee Call: A member of our Program Committee will contact you for further discussion of feedback, along with the time slot for your proposal, so that you can plan accordingly.

  • Submit Visuals and Handouts by May 20th: Please start considering your session handouts and visual needs so that you are able to submit materials to us by May 20th.  We’d like to prepare these items for our website, and we can do this only if you provide us information early.

  • Prepare for Media Resources: An overhead projector will be available; any other audio/visual equipment (such as computers, adapters for displaying Apple to PC connections) must be brought by you as a presenter.  Limited Internet will be available; however, do not build your presentation as an Internet-dependent display.  If you need additional resources, please inform the Committee by May 13th.

(For specific presentation questions, feel free to send an email to the Symposium Chair at

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